May 3, 2022

Innovation & Knowledge Exchange Workshop – Project EU-HYBNET

On the next 14th of June 2022, the Ciberimaginario Research Group, with the participation of Rubén Arcos and Manuel Gertrudix, will organize one track of the workshops that will be placed during the IKEW 2022 of the EU-HYBNET project in The Hague (Netherlands).

The break-out session, titled Identifying and countering information manipulations: professional tools and networks of fact-checkers and OSINT practitioners, will focus on discussing the role of professional solutions and innovations supporting the practice of open-source intelligence (OSINT) and fact-checking/debunking against information manipulations, through an interactive model with the participants.

After an introduction, participants will engage in a structured discussion around the following questions: 

  • What trends in information manipulations and disinformation can be observed in the current information environment? 
  • What are the challenges faced by communities of fact-checkers and OSINT practitioners when addressing identification, fact-checking, and debunking? 
  • What solutions/tools can support their task? 
  • What role is there for education and training programs on fact-checking and OSINT? 

Also, a case study will be discussed on the identification of hostile narratives and historical revisionism using an existing solution in the market. 

The event will be followed both on-site and online. The registration will be made in this form.

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