Ago 25, 2022

XR Journalism Lab: An Innovative Space for Research and Training in Immersive Journalism

Extended reality (XR) has great possibilities for the development and dissemination of multimedia content. One of the areas where extended reality can have a significant impact is in the field of journalism within information and communication sciences. In this chapter, the authors determine the features of current XR media, including virtual reality and augmented reality, and their application in the teaching of journalism.

In this chapter of the monograph Methodologies and Use Cases on Extended Reality for Training and Education published by IGI Global, the authors of the Ciberimaginario research group and the COMTEDEA teaching innovation group, Manuel Gertrudix, José Luis Rubio-Tamayo, Alberto Sánchez-Acedo and Daniel Wuebben shows that XR technology can serve to capture reality, simulate it, and recreate fictional scenarios.
From 360º video to volumetric video, from artificial intelligence to deep learning, the extended reality is reshaping how rigorous communication research is conducted and how scientific results are crafted for public audiences. Therefore, from the analysis of these available technologies and their potential evolution, this chapter establishes the key features of a learning laboratory for immersive journalism. The authors conclude by showing how XR can open new space for journalism teaching and research.

This research was co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union [grant number RO01-KA220-HED-000031158 – Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem Project]; the University Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) [grant number 2021/00008/023 – Research group Ciberimaginario]; and the European Commission [grant number 754382 – Daniel Wuebben has a Marie Curie fellowship under the H2020 Got Energy Talent MSCA-COFUND]. Teaching innovation has been applied by the Teaching Innovation Group in Communication, Digital Technologies and Open Education GID-COMTEDEA (URJC)


Gertrudix, M., Rubio-Tamayo, J. L., Wuebben, D., & Sanchez-Acedo, A. (2022). XR Journalism Lab: An Innovative Space for Research and Training in Immersive Journalism. In A. Correia, & V. Viegas (Ed.), Methodologies and Use Cases on Extended Reality for Training and Education (pp. 1-20). IGI Global.

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