Efficient Communication for competitive Research Projects

The new concept of scientific governance based on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) 

Communication provides a discussion between stakeholders 

Research project presents many deficiencies

T he new concept of scientific governance based on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) emphasized the requirement of connecting society with scientific context in order to create active citizens during the whole process.
This suggests that sciences have changed, not only as an instrumental dimension or scientific heritage but also as a progress tool.
It means that citizens have to be involve in participle process including Public Engagement (PE) and Science Education (Rowe & Frewer, 2005).

I n this line, Horizon 2020, the law of science (2011) and Spanish strategy of innovation science and technology 2013-2020 conceptualize media actions of research projects.
Training actions involve a strategy found on an integral dissemination that provides a discussion between stakeholders.
To promote the connection between research agenda and social challenges, its totally required to encourage active citizenship what are committed with innovation outcomes.

S cience activity own a huge relevance in terms of investment. According to last ICON (2016) report, the I+D expense represents 1,23% of PIB (GDP). Horizon 2020 involves 75 billion euros for 2014-2020 period. It pretends to reach 3% of PIB (GDP) at the end of 2020 what implies a high investment. Following CORDIS data thus far, it has been financed 11 thousand projects at Horizon 2020. Spain participates at 25,9% of the proposals presented with which rate of succeed is 12,2 %. There are 1340 projects leading by Spanish institutions reaching a 1.611.5ME subsided.

D espite the importance given to Responsible Research and Innovation projects, communication made by research project presents many deficiencies. Firstly, the communication packages elaborated for submissions. Secondly, communication actions developed for H2020 requirements and specific calls for research proposals have a little impact. Even though the project is successfully assessed, the impact and involvement of citizens are poor. There are a lot of projects with a high investment that reach a low social impact from a Responsible, Research and Innovation (RRI) perspective.

ComCiencia is a project aim to professionalize communication and dissemination process of competitive research projects in order to get a specific knowledge that contribute as an extra-value for plan development. 

What are the benefits of Comscience?


Wide views


Contribute to end projects following the learning and communicative instructions of the RRI
Acquire Knowledge in order to professionalize communicative measures and dissemination actions

Project proposals

Increase competitiveness of research projects presented to H2020 improving the scientific dissemination package

Transference and development

Boost research activities through dissemination actions which allow discussion with the stakeholders
Improve impact of research competitive projects through communication, learning and dissemination skills

Assesses results de resultados

Provide a matrix with indicators that enable to assess the impact, ROI investment and communication WP

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This project is funded by the Comciencia project. Effective, efficient and responsible communication for competitive research projects (CSO2017-82875-C2-1-R, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO), the State Research Agency (AEI) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).