Ene 27, 2023

Handbook for countering disinformation and propaganda

The researchers of the Ciberimaginario Group, Rubén Arcos and Manuel Gértrudix, participated during the 24th and 25th of January, at the University of Malta, in the meeting of the Erasmus+ project DOMINOES, Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem, in which the first result of the project has been presented, a handbook that analyses the emerging threats of disinformation, the aggravating factors, and the actions and resources that allow mitigating its harmful effects.

The international team, which includes researchers from the Mihai Viteazul» National Intelligence Academy (MVNIA) and the New Strategic Center of Romania, the University of Malta, and the University Rey Juan Carlos, is now developing a course that will be taught on-site in the months of September, October and November in Madrid, Malta and Bucharest, 30 students and teachers from the Rey Juan Carlos University will be able to participate in these editions, in an international context, in order to acquire advanced digital skills useful to detect and counter-propaganda, fake news and manipulation of information that lead to social polarization, extremism and discrimination in society.

In addition, the development of a MOOC has begun, which will be available, openly and free of charge through the URJCx platform, from next autumn.

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