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Research project funded by the European Union within the «Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework» Programme

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CS-Track – «Expanding our knowledge on Citizen Science through analystics and analysis» is based on data analysis to understand the benefits of citizen science in society, businesses and institutions of the European Union. The project seeks to achieve the actions, processes and good practices of scientific dissemination to raise awareness and generate knowledge.

In order to achieve the awareness of the citizens, scientific dissemination activities, in which agents of different profiles will participate with the aim of acquiring new knowledge and skills that will allow them to contribute to the achievement of the project and the development of scientific innovations in this field, will be developed.

The work of the King Juan Carlos University in the project will focus, on the one hand, on carrying out scientific communication actions to disseminate the results of the research. To this end, a platform and an e-magazine will be developed with visual, graphic and interactive multimedia elements with the aim of providing information and encouraging the participation of experts and citizens in the project. On the other hand, on the development of tools for the monitoring of Citizen Science activities on the Internet and social networks.

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Principal researchers

Manuel Gétrudix Barrio

Manuel Gétrudix Barrio

Senior Lecturer in Digital Communication at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Estefanía Martín Barroso

Estefanía Martín Barroso

Lecturer in Computer Engineering at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


  • Mario Rajas Fernández
  • Mª del Carmen Gálvez de la Cuesta
  • Mª del Carmen Gertrudis Casado
  • Juan Romero Luis
  • Alejandro Carbonell Alcocer
  • David Roldán Álvarez

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Expanding our knowledge on Citizen Science through analytics and analysis.

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 2.270.283,75 €


3 years



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Investigación – Europeo 

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