Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem


DOMINOES addresses the digital transformation the ecosystem of news media is undergoing. It supports increasing the digital capabilities of the higher education sector and contributes to innovation in higher education and vocational training.

The project’s overall objective is to reduce societal polarization by combating fake news and online disinformation in two target groups: university professors employed by the partner universities/civil society trainers and M.A. students in the three partner universities.

The project’s concrete objectives are:

  1. To assist the educational staff of partner institutions in acquiring digital teaching skills, innovating educational materials and adapting to the ongoing digital transformation
  2. To assist academic staff and students in achieving advanced digital skills helpful in detecting and countering propaganda, fake news and information manipulation leading to social polarization, extremism and discrimination in society.
  3. Create across Romania, Malta and Spain a network of experts in the detection and prevention of propaganda and disinformation that can further advance expertise and foster transfer of know how at the level of the public.

Principal researchers

Manuel Gertrudix Barrio

Manuel Gertrudix Barrio

Professor at the King Juan Carlos University

Rubén Arcos Martín

Rubén Arcos Martín

Professor at the King Juan Carlos University


  • Manuel Gértrudix Barrio
  • Rubén Arcos Martín
  • Mario Rajas Fernández
  • Cristina María Arribas Mato
  • Kamil Mikulski
  • Mª del Carmen Gertrudis
  • Mª del Carmen Gálvez
  • José Luis Rubio Tamayo
  • Ernesto Taborda Hernández
  • Valeria Levratto
  • Hernando Gómez Gómez
  • Florencia Claes
  • Jennifer García Carrizo
  • Alejandro Carbonell Alcocer
  • Juan Romero Luis
  • Alberto Sánchez Acedo


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Project identifier:

DOMINOES – 2021-1-RO01-KA220-HED-000031167

Title of the project:

Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem


Overall: 255.948,00 €

URJC: 107.400,00 €


2 years (2022-2024)

Participating entities:


Research Type:

Research – International – Erasmus+

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Learning Activities

LTT 1 – Pilot session

LTT1 Meeting in URJC

LTT 3 – Course Malta


LTT 2 – Course Spain

LTT 4 – Course Romania


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Content syndication and dissemination

To improve the knowledge of educational content elaborated during the project and boost the impact of their results, the consortium has shared in several educational platforms this information.

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